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“Why Is My Wife So Disrespectful?” – by Peacefulwife



A guest post by my wife, April. You can find her at or her Youtube channel, “April Cassidy.”: It is always tricky on the blogs when we have a female on the husband’s blog or a male on the wife’s blog.  A lot of times the comments tend to move the discussion backward instead […]

Please, Say Something!



Peacefulwife here. 🙂 One of the biggest issues the wives at talk about is how frustrating it is when they ask their husbands something and their husbands just never respond. We have been exploring how men think and process emotions over the past few weeks.  I think the more that women can understand just […]

The Emotions of March Madness



Let’s tackle another issue we don’t seem to fully understand about our wives: Emotions. It might be helpful if we explain what we are talking about a little more. Well, occasionally as a man you might be able to understand it through this example: Was there ever a time when you needed to really concentrate on […]

The Power of Words – Show and Tell



We as women LONG SO MUCH for our husbands to show us love verbally.  We want them to say, “I love you” first and initiate deep, emotional, romantic discussions about all the things they love about us.  We feel discouraged and gypped when our husbands don’t use words to show us their love. The problem is […]

Ways Husbands Come Across Unlovingly



My wife answered a comment the other day where someone asked if she had a list of things that husbands do that come across as unloving.  So, she came up with the list below.  She gave me the opportunity to put a title to it so after many attempts I settled on the one above […]

From Drugs to Faith: Team Impact Member Chip Minton



Our church,  is having Team Impact perform this week at 7 PM nightly through Sunday.  They have a great ministry and if you are close to the area I invite you to attend.  Admission is free. One of the Team Impact members is Chip Minton.  Chip was a 2-Time Olympian as a Team USA bobsledder and […]

When My Spouse is Wrong



Today’s post is a guest post by a VERY special guest contributor – my brother!!!  Nathan Trevett is such a godly man, husband and father.  I am really excited that he is going to be tackling some of the husbands’ toughest questions for us.  I appreciate his sound biblical theology and Christ-centered approach.  And he lives […]