Are you a Facebook Christian?

Posted on 04/04/2014 by



When I think about a lot of Christians that I know their relationship with Christ is similar to their relationship with a friend on Facebook. Many Christians accepted Christ sometime as a kid at a church, Christian concert, or a vacation bible school. The basic pattern was to admit that you were a sinner (check!), ask Jesus into your heart (check!), say the sinner’s prayer (check!), and now you are a Christian. Often, that may have been the closest their relationship to Christ ever was. They may have been “good” for a few weeks, but they may have never developed a relationship with Christ more than accepting a label.

What kind of Facebook friend is Jesus in your life? Is he the friend that you really didn’t keep up with from school that you accepted his friend request, but really are not looking at interacting with? Is he the friend that you might pay attention to when he shows up in your news feed but only as news? Is he the friend that you knew in school and if they post something interesting you might acknowledge them occasionally with a like? Is he the friend that you have kind of kept up with and may still see occasionally around the community or at church that you might even comment on a discussion, picture, or significant event? Is he like one of your good friends or family members that you are interested in everything that is going on in their lives? My guess is that most people would relate their relationship like one of the first couple of friends that I mentioned.

What would you share with Jesus if he was your Facebook friend? Would you tell Him about how you got the best of someone in a spat? Would you tell Him how you were going to do something really daring that you could type to slam a kid’s teacher, your doctor, or your boss? Would you tell Him I saw this that Joe posted and I wanted you to read it too? Would you tell Him how your day was and how you were thankful for your blessings? Would you tell Him how much you loved your wife and how she has been wonderful for you? Would you tell Him how much you loved your kids and how you want to be a Dad that leads his kids closer to Him? Would you try to learn more about Jesus by reading His Word so that you can understand Him better?

Finally, would you “Share” what Jesus is doing in your life to others? Would you work to tell your other friends about Him? Would you share how He has made a difference in your life? Would you ask one of your other friends to let you tell them about Christ, come to church with you, or go to an event where the Gospel is presented?

Evaluate your relationship with Christ? Do you just remember him from when you accepted Him as a kid or do you have a real, living in your heart relationship with him? Make sure Jesus is more than an emotional decision you made as a kid or teen. It may take going through the same process you did as a kid of admitting you are a sinner and asking him to be the Savior of your life. This time put him first in your life. Read the Bible and pray. Let him mold you and help you as a husband and father.

Hopefully, one day you might get messaged by Jesus, your Facebook friend, with this note, “Well done my good and faithful servant!”