Things a Husband Can Do To Make a Wife Feel Loved

Posted on 08/31/2012 by



  • asking us, “What’s on your heart?”  “What’s going on with you today?”  “What are you thinking about?”  “How can I help you around the house?”  “Can I give you a break for an hour?”
  • initiate prayer (IF you are close to God and humble about it)
  • initiate touching – hold our hand, put your arm around our shoulder when we are sitting together, or put your hand lightly in the small of our back or around our hip as we walk together  (this can vary widely depending on the woman – you may have to ask your wife what she likes if you aren’t sure!)
  • ask us to go on a romantic walk together after supper, hold our hand and listen or talk with us
  • speak gently and calmly
  • real compliments
  • love letter/emails/texts – most of us would love at least one, maybe more, every day.  Even if it is just 2-3 sentences, it would make our day and give us a huge oxytocin rush that makes us bond more with you emotionally and spiritually.  (feel free to use my words, as long as you mean them!) ie: “Hey, Baby!  I just want you to know that I can’t stop thinking about you.  I love you with all my heart.  And I am so glad you are my wife.  I can’t wait to see that beautiful smile of yours and hold you in my arms tonight when I get home!”