Look What My Wife Bought Me

Posted on 07/02/2012 by


Father’s Day was a few weeks ago, and while we don’t go crazy getting each other gifts for the card holidays, my wife decided to break tradition a little bit and buy me something really special. You can see it in the picture I took above. I was totally blown away that she would make a purchasing decision this great without even consulting me. I think she did quite well, though. Look at the craftsmanship on this thing. Look at how every detail was carefully considered and incorporated. Only the finest materials were used to construct this thing. In that first picture I might be a little too far out for you to appreciate it. Let me move in a little closer so you can fully grasp my prized gift.

I knew you would be able to start to see why I am so excited at this distance. The viewing angle on this thing is almost infinite. No matter how you look at it, from the sides, below, or above there is virtually no loss of detail. You might think I am crazy, but I want you to see it a little closer. I don’t want you to miss any details. Let’s move in a little closer.

Wait a second, I see, you thought I was talking about the TV. Can you see the fine craftsmanship? The incredible detail? Can you see the use of the finest materials now?

What? You think it is a bit small. It is not that small. Let me put it next to something for you to get some perspective.

How about next to a Lego Knight minifigure? The Lego Knight isn’t armed but is still a fair bit bigger than the knight.

A tube of chapstick? I guess the knight could try using a bomb on the balm to try to take out his superior foe.

A shaving razor? No competition really and the razor is powered at that.

Fingernail clippers? Yep, the knight needs to stay far away for fear of losing a limb or a head.

A Band-Aid? On the bright side it would only take one to mend up all the knight’s battle wounds and it could probably be double wrapped.

Finally, a toilet roll? This is probably the most useful comparison because the knight could easily hide within the hollow cavity.

So, I can see you are not nearly as excited about my Father’s Day gift as I am. Truth be told, my wife purchased the knight online and didn’t pay particular attention to how tall the knight was. She just saw the picture of the knight (below) and thought I want my husband to know that this is how I think of him. He is my knight in shining armor.

The package arrived at our doorstep on a Friday. On Father’s Day morning, she opened the package to give it to me and realized that the knight stood a whopping 1.75 inches tall. It didn’t bother me at all that it was so small and it was kind of amusing for us just how diminutive it actually was.

I understand what my wife wanted to do by getting me the knight for Father’s Day. She wanted me to know that she looked at me as that knight in shining armor in her life. That she appreciated what I do and what I am about. That she gets me. She wants me to lead our family and trusts me to this position. She wants me to be my best. She wants me to protect our family from all sources of evil.

Some days, though, I have doubts as to if I am up to the challenge. How often am I really the little knight when it comes to taking care of my family? How often am I short on showing my wife the love that she needs? How often do I show how little courage or commitment I have to lead them? How often do I fail to even have the faith of a mustard seed?

I think back to things I have talked about in this blog. I talked about how husbands need to provide their wives reassurance. Husbands need to be able to show their wives security. They need to be able to listen and communicate more effectively. They need to praise their wives beauty. I know as I studied these things I couldn’t believe how my thinking was 180 degrees wrong time after time. My own logic, the logic I had trusted for so long, was merely careless and, if anything, hurtful. Many times I let my brain convince me that my actions were out of love, but so often my actions only resulted in pain, despair, and frustration for my wife.

In For Men Only, Jeff Feldhahn asked the women they surveyed for their book, “What is one thing that you would like for your husband to know?” As they began to go through the responses to this question, they were blown away that the number one thing that women wished their man knew was, “You are my hero.” The surprise was that despite how lousy we are at being our best for our wife we really are their life. They admire us, need us, appreciate us, want us to be happy, and are truly grateful for us. They respect us. The survey found that while your wife may not always express it well to you, almost every woman said that they “deeply need, respect, and desire” their husband.

Wow….how good is it to know that despite all of our downfalls our wife still looks at us as her knight in shining armor? No, not the 1.75 inch one that came through the mail, but a living, breathing personal He-Man, Gladiator, Round Table Regular, and Superman. The one she dreamed about when she was a girl who would marry her and live happily ever after.

Knowing that my wife thinks about me this way inspires me. Does it inspire you? If she thinks of me as her hero, can I make the effort to try to show her the love she needs in a way that she needs it? Can I work on providing the reassurance she needs when she has insecurity about my love for her? Can I help her to work through her emotional security blankets? Can I help her get some relief by helping her close those windows that she cannot close? Can I try to listen to her feelings instead of fixing her problem? Can I reflect an image of how beautiful I see my wife by being her most important mirror?

I keep my Father’s Day gift by our bed on my “knight” stand. It reminds me every day to try to be the husband that she sees in me. It reminds me that my BIGGEST gift is her.