Making Your Family a Priority

Posted on 06/21/2012 by


I think if I asked you, “Do you spend enough time with your family?” Most of us would be hesitant to say yes. We can always think of times where we wished we spent more quality time with them. We also have to constantly try to balance school, church, and sports activities with family activities. So, today we are going to look at how we can make our family a priority in our lives.

Family First

After Jesus Christ, God’s order of priority ranks family at the top spot.

Marriage First

Within our family, God ranks your marriage above your children. Putting the marriage relationship above the children strengthens both the marriage and the parenting.

God First

God’s intervention and power is needed to help you handle the challenges of being a marriage partner and a parent.

Put it on the Calendar

To make your family a priority you need to spend time with them. Your family needs both quantity and quality time. Plan on it.

Serve Your Family

You need to be Jesus to your family. Jesus came to serve, not to be served.

Eat. Pray. Love.

Eat at least one meal together every day. Pray for your family and your blessings at this time. Fellowship with one another by sharing, listening, laughing, and asking questions of each other.

Work Around Work

Your family needs to take precedence over your job. If your job is damaging your family you need to either adjust your schedule or change jobs.


Every member of the family should have their say and have a voice. Everyone needs to be able to share how they feel.

Have Fun

Laugh together. Funny moments should be created and remembered within your home. Humor is a great family asset.

The Principal of the Principle

Your home should be based on Biblical principles and not driven by rules. They are similar but the attitude is different. Rules-driven homes can be legalistic and cold. Principle-driven homes work to bring out the best in people.

Worship Together

Be consistent about attending church together. Worship can strengthen your marriage and family relationships. Make it a family priority that all of you take part in.

Go Off of the Script and Ad-Lib Occasionally

We all get bogged down in following the schedule sometimes. The kids need to go to bed at this time or we have to do this right now. Sometimes we just need to go off of the script a little bit and take time for someone in our family. Sometime we need to put off doing something in the yard and spend some time doing an activity with our kids. Sometimes we need to not be as concerned if our kids go to sleep by the clock as taking a few minutes to have a great conversation with them or to just give them some cuddle time.