Choosing to be Thankful

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One of the things that we are slowly losing in society today is thankfulness. I am not talking about being thankful about winning a contest or an award. I am talking about having gratefulness for the little things people do for us. We never should allow ourselves to believe that we are so good that people should be expected to help us without us showing respect for their aid.

How often have you seen someone treat a server at a restaurant as a peasant and then short them the tip over unreasonable expectations of service? What about someone demanding a hotel clerk reduce their rate because their expectation did not allow for any minor inconveniences in their room? What about at home? Do you grumble over dinner not being ready when you get home? The house being a mess when you arrive? We are quite good at complaining about any shortcomings we see in life. The problem is our grumblings have very sharp eyes and we can start to sound like a pity party. If we start looking for the good and approach little acts of kindness that are handed out to us with gratitude our mood can quickly change. Beyond that, people are motivated to do their best for someone that can display thankfulness for their actions.

To begin with, we all have to accept that we are blessed beyond measure by God. Once we learn to be thankful to God for the things he has given us, we can show gratitude to others in a similar fashion. When it comes to our wife, our family, our church, or our favorite restaurant, how can we choose to be thankful to God everyday.

We Choose to be Thankful, It is not a Feeling

Thankfulness is a choice. We have the ability to be thankful for something or not. Thankfulness is not a feeling. When we focus on God’s goodness in our lives we can begin to make it an attitude. Some people like to say “an attitude of gratitude.”

Focus on God, Not your Circumstances

Focusing on your plight will only lead one to be downtrodden. When we can focus on God and be thankful for our blessings we can move past whatever circumstances we see as an obstacle. God is much bigger than the problems that we perceive.

Problems are opportunities for God, Not roadblocks

Every obstacle in life is an opportunity for God to get involved. We can be thankful that God is bigger than all of our problems. Relying on him is a choice to believe that He is greater than our trouble.

Exchange your Complaint Department for Gratitude Central

Every time you have a tendency to complain, exchange your complaint with thanksgiving to God.

Start each day thankful that He has given you another day

We need to thank God each day that He has given us another day to make a difference. This can set the tone for us to be thankful for other things throughout the day.

But for the Grace of God Go I

Our pastor often says this when talking about gratitude. We do not have to look far to find someone with more problems, struggles, and troubles than we could ever imagine having to deal with. We should feel extremely blessed that we have been spared from those situations.

Positive People are Peppy

That heading is pretty corny, but surrounding ourselves with grateful people helps us to see the good in others and is a bit contagious. Negativity and complaining can be contagious, too.

Show Thankfulness in All that You Do

When someone has done something for you go out of your way to show that you appreciate their efforts. That can be by verbally telling them, email, phone, or a note.

Go out of Your Way to Help Others

When we give of ourselves unselfishly this helps us to be thankful for what God has done for us. Helping others is a way for us to share our gratefulness with others. It is often said that we should treat others the way we would like to be treated first.