Father Leads Best

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There is a war going on today and the target is our families. Not a little war with little damage, but a BIG war with major casualties. There probably is no one that is reading this that does not have someone within their extended families that has not had a marriage torn apart. What is going on?

As a husband, you do not have a choice as to your role in the family. It was decided for you by God. You were appointed head of your family. You carry the responsibility. You are the CEO.

Do not be fooled, Satan is well aware of this and has strategically designed his attack to target the husband. So, his plan to destroy the family is to neutralize the man. When he has neutralized the man he has neutralized the family. This isn’t anything new. Satan has long known that this was a great path because of his track record with neutralizing church leaders, business leaders, and politicians. If he can neutralize the leader then the body, buildings, and movements are neutralized as well.

What should we do? We need to prepare ourselves with the expectation that we are going to be attacked. We need to expect temptation to come our way. If you are going to seriously pursue leading your family you can be assured that you are going to be opposed.

There are passive men who are not leading their homes spiritually. They are more than happy to cruise through life and let anyone lead their family. It could be their wife or it could even be a child who is allowed to take up this role. These men do not put up a fight and are mostly indifferent about their lack of leadership. Satan does not have to attack these men. They are already neutralized.

Steve Farrar in Point Man wrote the following passage which is how he envisions Christ would look at the failure of men to take on their God-appointed leadership roles.

When He saw the fathers, He was filled with dismay, because so many quit, so many were set aside, and so many were plateaued and directionless. They had lost their zest for leading. They had no clear philosophy or direction for their leadership. They were leaderless leaders. Then He said to His disciples, “The harvest is plentiful, but the fathers with clear direction are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, that He will send forth knowledgeable, discerning, and direction-oriented fathers into His harvest.”

In this battle we are facing, the harvest is our children. They are the leaders and the parents of the next generation.

Our current society is enamored with “Change”. We run around parading the cure for everything is “Change.” “When we elect our next president we are going to get change.” “When I get to be boss I am going to change things.” “We need a new pastor, our current one isn’t exciting enough” “I am going to change who my kid’s teacher is because they must be out to get him or her” If we want real change, it has to start with real men in the home taking up their appointed roles. A change in the home by a spirit led man would have far more impact than any change we could make in politics, work, church, or school.

I know that you love your family. I know that you love your wife and kids. Would you be willing to die for them? In most wars, men are asked to be willing to die for their families in order that they can live in freedom. This war on the family is actually different. In this war, our president is Jesus and as he has assigned us to lead our family, he is asking for us to live for our family.

As you live for your family, let the Father lead best. Your family will know that father leads best.