This Means War: The Battle for Your Wife

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As long as there have been people there have been conflicts. Occasionally conflicts resulted in war. At one time war was fought where the two competing sides were very obvious. Each side knew who the enemy was. Back during the Civil War, battles would take place and families would come out with their chairs and watch the war rage from the sidelines like a sporting event. Like a football game, the competing sides wore their team’s colors and the foe was easily seen.

When the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, the US military had a new technology in place called radar. The radar showed the Japanese planes coming on the screen like little blips but the US operator didn’t believe that the instrumentation was working correctly. In this instance, we could see the enemy coming but we failed to believe the fight had begun.

It wasn’t until the Vietnam War that we started hearing the phrase used that we did not know who our enemy was. This was a jungle war and our soldiers never knew when the women and the children of Vietnam might attack them or aid them. The enemy was not easily distinguishable all of a sudden.

We are fighting a war today. Unlike previous wars, where we sent our bravest heroes off with our best technology to defend us, the war isn’t being fought by squadrons of troops. The war is being fought in our homes. The war is being fought to tear apart our Christian families. The enemy is unseen, but deadly, and it is Satan. Men, it is time to rise up and be the spiritual leader God designed you to be. It is not too late, but you must start now. You have to be the leader of your family if they are going to survive.

Steve Farrar in the book, Point Man, describes this time by stating, “Leading a family through the chaos of American culture is like leading a small patrol through enemy-occupied territory.” At this point, you may be thinking, “Aren’t you blowing this thing out of proportion? Things aren’t perfect in the world, but I am making it.” I am here to tell you that this is not something to take lightly. While we have a small bit of compassion for the families that we don’t know when we see their son come home in a body bag from Iraq or Afghanistan, I think it will hit a lot closer to home when we consider that the victim could be our wife, son, or daughter. Are you still not convinced that it is time to take up your spiritual arms for this battle? Let’s look at our Status Report and see how we are doing in this war at present.

  • Half of all marriages end in divorce.
  • The median age for divorce is 34 for men and 30 for women.
  • In 1960, 10% of the households were maintained by a woman with no husband present; In 1996, that number was 40%.
  • Tonight, 500,000 teenagers will practice prostitution to support their drug addictions.
  • One million teenage girls will get pregnant out of wedlock this year. Half of those teenage girls will abort their babies.
  • 40% of all 14 year old girls will be pregnant by their 19th birthday.
  • 60% of all church-involved teenagers are sexually active.
  • 60% of American high school seniors have used illegal drugs.
  • Every 78 seconds, a teenager in America attempts suicide.

    References from Point Man, Steve Farrar

Those numbers really make you think. What are you going to do to keep your marriage off of the Status Report? What are you going to do to protect your kids from being a statistic? All of us know of probably not just one, but many families that are on the Status Report. Some reading this may already have some battle damage. As Christian men it is time that we start training to keep ourselves from becoming a victim. We can’t rely on a pastor, youth leader, teacher, or counselor to instill God’s Word in our family at home. It is time to start actively working to prepare our homes for the battle. We need to defend our families from the snipers, ambushes, and booby traps of this unseen war.

I cannot guarantee that we are going to win this battle. The enemy is strong and as you can see our ranks are getting depleted. Not only are we getting attacked by the moral decay of the family in America, we are now having the laws that have been the structure of our country chipped away by the Gay and Lesbian movements for equal rights. Still, we must train. We must train our family correctly. We must lead our family to withstand the attack.

Over the next several posts, we are going to look at our Status Reports. They are not going to be pretty. The damage assessments will look dim. Then we will start our training guide to become the leader we need to be in our home. It is going to take work. It is going to take persistence. It is going to take change. This could be our last chance. This could be our last hope. Are you ready to get ready for the battle?