Making Worship a Happy Husband Habit

Posted on 04/30/2012 by


Let’s look at how we can make worship a Happy Husband Habit. Here are some ways we can lead our family by instilling the habit of worship.

  • Make Worship a Priority – As a husband we need to make it a priority to worship privately and corporately each week. When we make worship a priority, everything else in our lives will take on the right priority.
  • Find a Church to Worship In – By finding a church, what we really mean is finding a church that is sound in the faith. That means that they believe, preach, and teach the basic doctrines scripturally. You want to find a church that has some life. You want to find a church with believers that are going through the same things your family is going through. You also want to find a church that is close enough for you to be involved in.
  • Give God Two Hours Every Sunday – Make a commitment that your family needs to plan to spend two hours in worship every Sunday. This is most easily accomplished by attending a Sunday School Class and a Corporate Worship Service.
  • Let Go of Any Past Angst Against Churches – Everyone has probably had a bad experience at a church at one time or another. The church is made up of imperfect people and sinful people will make mistakes, go on power trips, and upset feelings quite easily. This is just a factor of life and we need to concentrate on the reason that we are attending. I am not saying to stay in a church that is unfriendly toward you, but don’t judge all churches by a bad experience you may have had in another.
  • Plan Ahead – Most of the time you get to get up a little later on Sunday morning and church starts a little later than work, so you should have plenty of time on Sunday morning. It might be good to plan a little on Saturday night to remove some of the stress on Sunday. I don’t know how many times we have struggled to find one of the kids’ dress shoes or belts as we were trying to get out of the door. Also, set a leaving time for Sunday morning for everyone to shoot for.
  • Keep Your Church in Prayer – Include your church, the church leaders, and the church programs in your regular prayers. Keeping your church in your prayer life can give you a connection and closeness with the church. You become part of the team.
  • Study your Bible – Hearing and seeing are very different when it comes to acquiring knowledge. Make the time to have a Bible available during Sunday School or the Worship Service. There is nothing wrong in using your smart phone or Kindle to have a copy of the Bible handy and there are a lot of free apps and e-books out there for this.
  • Listen to Some Worship Music – Find a local Christian radio station, download some mp3s, or find a CD with music that is similar to what is used in the worship service at your church. Music can be a key ingredient in setting an atmosphere conducive to giving worship to God. It can remind us of why we worship and how great our God really is.
  • Keep the “ME” Out of Your Church Worship – We need to attend church with the mindset that we are offering ourselves to God instead of looking at it as “What are we going to get out of it?” Worship is mostly about giving: giving praise, giving thanks, giving an offering, giving your heart, giving your mind, giving your soul.
  • Invite Others to Worship with You – A church can spend a ton of money on mail outs, banners, billboards, TV, and radio spots, but the percentage of people that respond to those invitations are miniscule compared to a personal invitation from a friend, coworker, or neighbor. You don’t need to strong arm anybody to come to church, but leaving an open invitation may be a good way to let them know they would be accepted.