Mirror! Mirror! On the Wall…

Posted on 03/22/2012 by


Today we are going to explore your wife’s need to be appreciated for her beauty. You are probably saying, “Hey, Buddy! I wouldn’t have married her if I didn’t think she was pretty!” Well, that is most likely true, but when was the last time you told her how beautiful she was? Just in case you slipped up and happened to have told her yesterday, what about before that? Chances are pretty good that over any period of time your average isn’t very good for telling your wife how attractive she is.

So, why is it even important? Women are constantly bombarded with expectations to look a certain way, be a certain weight, to defy time, to look attractive, and basically look perfect. Even beyond that, women have to contend with a whole barrage of ways that the system is cheated that include airbrushed magazine covers, surgeries that add or subtract various areas, tanning booths, hair dyes, and trends. With all of the pressure to look her best it is no wonder that this could cause her to lose some confidence.

This is where you come in. Your wife probably knows that you think she is beautiful. When everything around her is constantly telling her that she doesn’t fit the model exactly, though, she needs some reassurance. Who is her “A #1 Critic” that she trusts most to let her know that she still has it? You. You are the most important person in her life and if you will spend the one minute a day to tell her how beautiful she is it can change her outlook for her day. Statistics show that this will bear out no matter how long you’ve been together, if others tell her she’s beautiful, how passionate you told her the last time, how old or young she is, or how mature or self confident she may be. After all, her biggest reason for wanting to be beautiful is you.

Jeff Feldhahn in For Men Only describes it best when he says, “In our house, there’s really only one mirror. And that mirror is me.”

Your wife feels constant pressure to perform under the bright lights every day. Our culture today has diminished to having no regard to what they say or how demeaning their comments may be. Today your wife will go out into a world where not only will she feel uneasy about her appearance, but any and everyone around her will be happy to aid her in pointing out any flaws that they may find. As your wife’s husband, your God given role is to encourage and build up your wife. You are the one person in your wife’s life who can take this constant weight off of your wife’s shoulders.

So the next time you are waiting to leave to go somewhere and it seems like your wife is spending an inordinate amount of time in the bathroom getting ready, remember that she is doing that for you. This is the time when she is most vulnerable to feel the pressure and this is the time when you could be the hero by letting her know how great she looks.